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ODA Smoothing Cream With Silk Protein 50ml

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October 27, 2016
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ODA Smoothing Cream With Silk Protein 50ml


This cream is ideal for anyone looking to intensively moisturize their skin, and make it firmer and smoother. Succinic acid stimulates each cell and effectively promotes the regeneration of the immune system, so it is especially effective at firming skin, giving it a healthy glow and making it noticeably softer.

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The cream is enriched with high-quality silk protein, which strengthens the skin’s defensive barrier, richly hydrates, and smooths the skin, giving it a silky feel. Avocado oil strengthens the intensive hydration and smoothing effect. Both the skin’s surface and its deeper layers are affected, which leads to visible results and long-term effects. The product has an especially pleasant texture, is easy to apply and is very easily absorbed. It is perfectly balanced for mature skin to maintain firmness and a youthful glow.