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ODA Amber Youth Mask 50ml

ODA Acne Treatment Mask 50ml
February 1, 2019
ODA Anti-Redness Mask 50ml
February 1, 2019

ODA Amber Youth Mask 50ml


Stimulating, refreshing, as well as mask giving firmness and youthfulness. Succinic Acid stimulates energy production at cellular level, stimulates their regeneration, strengthens skin resistance against the negative environmental effects. Octapeptide (Acetyl Octapeptide-3) is close to the effects of botulinum toxin, which reduces the visibility of wrinkles. Hyaluronic Acid intensively moisturizes the skin, gives it firmness, elasticity.

  • Stimulates
  • Make it more brighter
  • Refreshes

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Apply to clean, dry skin, easily with your fingers or brush. Storage time on the skin: 10-15 minutes. Possible sensations – slight skin tingling, cooling, light skin stretching. If other unpleasant sensations appear, it is advisable to wash it earlier. Can be used twice a week.


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