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ODA Moisturizing Body Cream 200ml

ODA Anti-cellulite Body Cream 200ml
May 18, 2021
ODA Nourishing Cream with Macadamia and Shea Butter 50ml
May 18, 2021

ODA Moisturizing Body Cream 200ml


The cream with glycolic acid, high concentration of urea, and natural oils moisturizes, smoothes, and softens dehydrated skin. After daily use, the skin becomes softer, smoother, moisturized, and nourished. Especially suited for people with goose-skin.

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Active components:
Urea provides intense hydration of the skin.
Butyrospermum parkii butter and Persea gratissima oil nourish and soften the skin.
Glycolic acid improves the absorption of other active substances.

HOW TO USE: Apply on clean and dry skin daily.


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